Going Away to Goa, India

The western beaches region of Goa hosts 1.5 million people. Although Goa is India’s smallest populated area and is the smallest state, it may pack one of the biggest punches when it comes to tourism and summer parties. Unique mixes of Indian and Portuguese architecture and culture attracts double the population in annual visitors. Goa seems to be the ideal bucket-list-hammock-swaying-dream getaway for most people in the daily grind from big cities as well as travelers just passing through India. The Airport in Goa provides a smooth landing from almost any major city in India for a quick getaway. Rent a motorbike and cruise the shorelines stopping off at popular or hidden beaches. Goa has plenty of options from tiki hut style beach bungalows ranging from a few US dollars a night, to luxurious hotels with all the amenities you can imagine. Whatever your fancy, be sure to sip on fresh cut coconut and lay on a straw mat out on the golden sands as you enjoy the tides of the Arabian Sea, the richness of the sun, and the ever so slight cool sea breeze on your skin.

History In Hamburg

The official name of Hamburg is the “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg”. The city is a major transportation hub for both land and water and is the ninth largest working port in the world, and only second in all of Europe. The multitude of boardwalks provides many eating and shopping experiences. An array of ships from all eras can be found here. Museums, activities, professional sports, transportation, industrial and world famous companies all reside in Hamburg.The architecture of Hamburg is second to none, be sure to check out The World’s largest stretch of warehouses called Speicherstadt. An interesting building called the Chilehouse is a brick office building designed to look like a boat. Created during the roaring twenties, The Town Hall is a phenomenally detailed building that houses the city council. The ornate building is a must see and captures great on camera. Throughout Hamburg you will notice the medieval buildings all decadent in their own style of shops, homes, and offices. Be sure to capture a few photos along the way. Enjoy a famous Hamburg Schnitzel and a tasty beverage; it will help fuel your walking tour.

Bellissimo Tuscany!

Such diversification in an Italian vacation can be found when landing in Tuscany. From the world famous art and architecture to the beautiful rolling hills of olive and grape vines. Small cobblestone villages unite by a rich selection of prepped meals and fresh foods. Tucsany is the western backbone of Italy. Cities include, but are not limited to Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa, Pistoia, and Massa-Carrara. These cities capture the delights of the renaissance surrounded by picturesque beautiful landscapes in between the towns. Tucsan food is so rich that you can feed a family with just the scents and aromas being sautéed in the kitchens of bakers and family cooks alike. Be sure to invest at least a week and don’t be afraid to wonder off the beaten paths; for it is there that you will find something unique. Venture across the winding side roads and little towns, rent a horse carriage to enjoy the sights and sounds of small town life or pick up a sports car to zip around the lands. Try to leave no unturned page in the Novel called Tucsany.