The Luang Prabang, Laos night market street food.

For my time that spent in Luang Prabang I visited many shops and restaurants, all trying to get a bit of the culture under my belt. I heard the food was just as good as Thailand but not as spicy  I heard they used a lot of lime and mint, I heard many things. If you have the time, head down to Sisavangvong Street, as it closes down to traffic for the every night street market. You will be sure to find something that interests you.

I was excited and spent a good portion of my time wandering the stalls and smelling a variety of foods. All the shops and stall are delicious and at decent prices too.  Don’t worry you won’t need to negotiate any prices here, they are already low. Anyone can get filled up here from the smallest of people to the sumo’s or the biggest of athletes. There is something for everyone here. Several buffets with all you can fit on one plate for 10,000 baht, ($1.25). To traditional soups, and sticky rice sweets, hardy dishes,  individual items, grilled meats, fish, duck, port, buffalo jerky  a vast array of vegetarian dishes and fruit stands.

If you’re not too sure about the cheap street meats and all you can eat buffet’s head over to one of the elegant restaurants that will serve up something special for you or ask for the special of the day. Many of the fine hotels will have a restaurant and chef on staff for your needs.

Luang Prabang street food is a colorful symphony flavors that illuminates the mind and senses. A one of a kind for South East Asia.


For the Carnivores


Local dishes made Loas .


The narrow alley of food, people, and flames.


All you can eat/ fit on one plate.

Amphawa water market

In between Bangkok and Hua Hin there are many cities and villages to choose from to visit, I heard about the water markets in Amphawa, where people line the canals with their long boats and buy and sell fresh produce. Ampahawa is a district in the Samut Songkhram Province. Its location is slightly inland from the north western section of Bay of Bangkok. The great thing about this place is its water market the highlight of the trip, however I came on a weekday, and it wouldn’t happen until the next weekend. So even though I missed out on some epic photograph opportunities I enjoyed the quiet little village and its peaceful back waters instead.

drewmanity-tinroof-homes-amphawa thailand

riding with the locals

riding with the locals



drewmanity-amphawa thailand-water-way

drewmanity-amphawa thailand-backwaters

drewmanity-amphawa thailand-backwater-market