Amphawa water market

In between Bangkok and Hua Hin there are many cities and villages to choose from to visit, I heard about the water markets in Amphawa, where people line the canals with their long boats and buy and sell fresh produce. Ampahawa is a district in the Samut Songkhram Province. Its location is slightly inland from the north western section of Bay of Bangkok. The great thing about this place is its water market the highlight of the trip, however I came on a weekday, and it wouldn’t happen until the next weekend. So even though I missed out on some epic photograph opportunities I enjoyed the quiet little village and its peaceful back waters instead.

drewmanity-tinroof-homes-amphawa thailand

riding with the locals

riding with the locals



drewmanity-amphawa thailand-water-way

drewmanity-amphawa thailand-backwaters

drewmanity-amphawa thailand-backwater-market






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