Drew for Jauntaroo! Best Job Around The World Application for Chief World Explorer

http://www.bestjobaroundtheworld.com/submissions/view/15457 drewmanity-vote-drew-manusharow-travel-jantaroo-chief-world-explorer-usa

Recently I was selected as an applicant for Jauntaroo a travel and tourism company that was making headline news with a campaign to find a chief world explorer to travel and blog. The coveted  Chief World Explorer job was open for a month to anyone in the world to apply, with over 3,000 applicants I was selected to be one of them. The applicants are chosen on a few things, Who you are, what you have done, and your marketability.  each applicant is to make a 60 second video. Mine is about my travels and philanthropic activities. You can vote for each applicant by clicking on their link. A screen shot of mine is pictured here.


http://www.bestjobaroundtheworld.com/submissions/view/15457 drewmanity-vote-drew-manusharow-travel-jantaroo-chief-world-explorer-usa

Photos from my motorbike ride to the Southeast Asia Golden Triangle.

drewmanity.com-golden-triangle-motorbike-ride-thailand-sign thai stopsign

Golden Triangle sign, with awesome universal Red Stop sign.


Rice fields.

drewmanity.com-golden-triangle-motorbike-ride-thailand-rural-homes Thailand

local homes along the back roads of northern thailand.


Pineapple fields


The Opium Museum, Thailand side of the Golden Triangle


Simple barbed wire fence, with random check posts. Myanmar on the left, Thailand on the right.


Cafe in Thailand overlooking the Mekong River and Laos.




Road side street meat. Lunch!

Mekong River drewmanity.com-golden-triangle-motorbike-ride-thailand-laos-myanmar-mekong-river

South Eastern Asia. The Golden Triangle of the Opium trade.


Chiang Saen, Thailand side of the Golden Triangle


The Golden Triangle. three countries of opium trade/smuggling

Heading into the sunset, a smokey sunset that is.

Heading into the sunset, a smokey sunset that is.


Hitting a dead end, Myanmar on the left, Thailand on the right.