Volunteering on the go in Gokarna

I was actually in transition between towns when I had some time on my hands that I wanted to delegate to a small community who I witnessed had a volleyball net set up.  I was passing through like another day in my backpacking adventures when I came to the village of Gokarna, Southern India. I think it was just as rewarding for me as it was for them, I believe that a small act of random kindness teaching others goes a long way. I wish I would have taken a photo of the village people who came to watch and shake my hand. The man standing next to me was their coach, he was actually a solid player with previous experience playing in India. The memories will last a lifetime and hopefully one day one or more of these young men will be representing their country playing in the Olympics.


Volleyball, Rural Village Soith West India. 


If there is a will, there is a way. Building for volleyball.

Objective. Dig holes, lay out the land for a outdoor Volleyball court. Utilize recycled materials to create Volleyball posts. Let the kids help.

Here I’ve posted a few in the process pictures of Adam and I working on creating the two posts to put into the ground for the volleyball net to hang on. We needed to create holes deep enough but not too wide so he gave me his machete to dig with. Standard volleyball net posts for men are about 2.5 meters or 8 feet, international womens volleyball Height is around 7 feet. So this will work out great.

I felt that for the kids and playing outdoor on a uneven playing field it would be better for them to learn on something a little lower. So we created it to be around 7 feet so that girls could enjoy also.

Drewmanity-tanzania-volleyball Drewmanity-tanzania-volleyball-netsetup

making the volleyball net posts, and digging holes.

making the volleyball net posts, and digging holes.


We’ve heard it all before..” I’ve always wanted to go to Africa”? Who says that? Lots of people do. But Africa is not a country it’s a huge continent with many countries. So saying you want to go to Africa is like saying you want to go to the ocean. It is too vague. Which part?

I too am guilty of not knowing right away, I did my research recently and came up with Tanzania and a stop through in Ethiopia.  I plan on staying a couple weeks to volunteer. I will have confirmation in the next week. Then I plan on visiting India, and a few more countries on my way east around the world. Each country I plan to volunteer my time and resources. Come what may for a wonderful future.