Into the wild with the big five, Serengeti National Park

If you have ever dreamed of seeing animals in the wild, this is your time to make that dream come true. Put a check on that bucket list and get your Safari gear on. Famously known for the incredible migration of millions of beautiful wild animals that trek across the open plains of the Serengeti, this area hosts a cornucopia of species, flora and fauna. It would be a safari sin for you to forget your camera. Bring extra sunscreen and batteries. You wouldn’t want to miss that leopard in the tree or the birth of a Rhino. Choose what area you want to visit as this massive thriving ecosystem spans the desert landscapes of the northwestern territory of Tanzania and southern Kenya. According to Lota Melamari, The
Director of
 Tanazania National Parks says, “The Serengeti region encompasses the Serengeti National Park itself, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Maswa Game Reserve, the Loliondo, Grumeti and Ikorongo Controlled Areas and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.” Oh yeah, remember to keep your eyes out for the BIG FIVE: The Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Elephant and the Rhino. Although The Rhinos may be the rarest of the bunch, the Leopards are the hardest to find, typically hiding up in the tree lines.


We’ve heard it all before..” I’ve always wanted to go to Africa”? Who says that? Lots of people do. But Africa is not a country it’s a huge continent with many countries. So saying you want to go to Africa is like saying you want to go to the ocean. It is too vague. Which part?

I too am guilty of not knowing right away, I did my research recently and came up with Tanzania and a stop through in Ethiopia.  I plan on staying a couple weeks to volunteer. I will have confirmation in the next week. Then I plan on visiting India, and a few more countries on my way east around the world. Each country I plan to volunteer my time and resources. Come what may for a wonderful future.