From home to Rome…

Vatican Rome Italy
Rome Italy

My first day in Italy

Here is a little status update, after a few adjustments from the airport to my destination I have ma

de it safely. For the next two nights I’ll be staying in a guest house in the Vatican City.

I am pretty excited just for that in itself. Maybe I’ve watched a few too many movies with Tom Hanks?

Vatican Rome Italy

Before I even dropped my bags, pumped to be here in Italy.

The last time I was in Rome I was eighteen years old, so roughly ten years ago, I came on my high school senior trip and loved it. After it was all done I had the intentions of returning one day, I just wasn’t sure

when. So here I am now,  walking around the Vatican City soaking it all in. I’m going to out and search for some epic Italian food. Who’s in to join?



Landing in Rome. Sit, sip and savor the moments

espresso Rome Airport

sit, sip, savor,

landing in rome italy

Landing in Rome, Italy

Walked off the airplane into the heat of summer, down to the baggage claim and gathered my bags, then mysteriously walked to the customs checkpoint waited in line, they looked at my passport then waived me on without a stamp. Wait, what the heck man? I want a stamp. This could be bad, that means they won’t know when I arrived? It’s not really my fault is it that they didn’t stamp me, and just waived me through. Perhaps it’s the new passport? I am pretty sure if the government wanted to know my whereabouts they could trace my whereabouts. Correct? Well if it’s a problem later down the road I hope I don’t sweat too much.

So here I am, Rome, an epicenter of Europe, or so they say. The first thing I noticed was that people love coffee shops, and espresso here is delicious. So like most of my travels, once I get somewhere I like to just sit and soak up the environment and gather myself. After all it was a pretty long flight over here. So I found a cafe in the airport. I found a seat and ordered from the waiter a double espresso.

As I sat there I smiled and looked around. I made it. So now what? Well I toast to you Drew and all my p about my choice to pick up and take a leap of faith. As I sipped me espresso and looked around the airport at all the international travelers I said aloud this is going to be some journey. Cheers to life.

Roaming around Rome, Italy

night-rome-Italy-drewmanity Rome Italy Colosseum at night summer 2011
night-rome-Italy-drewmanity Rome Italy Colosseum at night  summer 2011

Rome Italy Colosseum

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it can’t be toured in a day either. The city is a monstrous museum of epic proportion. If you’re finding that you will need more time to see it all, stand at the elegant Trevi Fountain and flip a coin over your shoulder and make the wish!

My second time around I spent double the amount of days as my first trip to enjoy the historic sites such as the Coliseum and the Pantheon, open air markets, and piazzas rich in color and flavors. Be sure to take a pit stop at an open-air café for a wood fire roasted artichoke, cappers, and smoky three cheese pizza.

One would be silly to miss out on a stroll across the cobblestones to visit the Sistine Chapel. Grab a map from your hotel or download one online and pop in and out of shops and museums dotted throughout the inner city walkways as the sun sets and the city illuminates in an orange hue. A picturesque Vatican City and all its allure is best enjoyed in the early morning or at sunset as the day winds to an end.

After the long day of weaving around the city, you’ll need to take a seat and people watch with a mouth watering dessert of thick Gelato or warm cappuccino. The nights are unbelievable as the city illuminates and the volume turns up a notch. Grab your buds and taste the night life, head out for a dance at the discos and sample the adult libations. There is something for everyone in the city of Rome.