Vatican Rome Italy

From home to Rome…

Rome Italy

My first day in Italy

Here is a little status update, after a few adjustments from the airport to my destination I have ma

de it safely. For the next two nights I’ll be staying in a guest house in the Vatican City.

I am pretty excited just for that in itself. Maybe I’ve watched a few too many movies with Tom Hanks?

Vatican Rome Italy

Before I even dropped my bags, pumped to be here in Italy.

The last time I was in Rome I was eighteen years old, so roughly ten years ago, I came on my high school senior trip and loved it. After it was all done I had the intentions of returning one day, I just wasn’t sure

when. So here I am now,  walking around the Vatican City soaking it all in. I’m going to out and search for some epic Italian food. Who’s in to join?



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