Boat down the Mekong River

The past two days have pretty much been spent on a boat floating slowly down the Mekong river from Thailand to Laos. They say “slow boat” but really it isn’t too slow, if we hit something it would do some damage… Ha! But overall it wasn’t slow but it wasn’t fast. At some points we hit a few rapids that were pretty unpredictable and splashed a bit of water up into the boat of course giving everyone a laugh and an “ooooo and an ahhh” effect.

Overall the boats moved pretty quick, but in retrospect I guess over the course of two days it can be called a slow boat. And we parked half way through to spend the night in a little village that sold over priced food and overpriced accommodations. Supply and demand was the excuse I supposed. None the less the sleepy little village was a nice break from the boat, and made the trip complete as I was able to converse with my new Chinese friends over a hot meal and power outages.

Over the course of the two days on the river we passed through different villages. It was beautiful to see the landscape and the people. The bamboo huts and the men out on their skinny boats fishing. there was vast space between each village so it made a good mix for the adventure.

I am editing some notes that I had written about the course of the past three days. But I wanted to just say a few things the best part of travel is meeting people.

I will say that time and again. As much as I love being alone and out in the world traveling, when I meet some people that I find interesting it makes a world of a difference. This trip was one of those instances; I just met some amazing women from Argentina and a hand full of people from China and four folks from Germany on the boat. Over the course of two days I spent time with the Chinese people last night for a dinner, and tonight I met up with the guys from Germany and the Argentina girls. Our time together was short but I hope to stay connected to them some how or another. I feel throughout my journey over the past two years that this is the number one question I get asked. What is your favorite part of travel? My answer. Meeting the people.

All of our stories were unique and interesting, we had lots to share and learn from each other. All rewarding and interesting stories, I’d say in the big picture of life It was a fast education on a slow boat down the Mekong.

Sandstone cliff. Mekong River. Laos

local man on the mountain over looking the docked boats.

Mekong River boat dock. laos