More than just a smile

The sun was starting to set, the weather was changing from hot to a slight breeze of cool air flowing over the hills north from the river. I was walking as usual absorbing the environment around me when I came to about 10 meters from two older looking women perched on small stools selling their products out of giant woven baskets.  I instantly smiled as I thought to myself wow look at their faces. What history, and past experiences they must have witnesses and here they are today. I new it would be a great frame to capture for a photograph, but it became more than just a photograph, I felt connected to talk to them.


I just loved this little moment in time.

As I walked closer I fell in love with their skin and their faces. Not the lust kind of love but the love for humanity and the will to survive. These women regardless of who they are or where they were from had energy that connected to mine. I took this picture but then stopped snapping and just smiled and walked up to speak to them.

Was this their hobby? Were they needing this money to survive? Perhaps a little of both. Who knows? I asked but we couldn’t translate each others words, they spoke Burmese, so instead we smiled at each other, laughed and I walked away paying 40 Baht/about 60 cents for a bag of nuts and a good feeling in my heart.

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