Me, two dogs, and three monks on a mountain in Myanmar.

scenic view, looking across  Myanmar

The scenic view, looking across Myanmar

Sitting on top of a mountain overlooking the river that splits Myanmar and Thailand I am accompanied by two dogs and three monks none of which know anything I am typing or talking about but I think we all share the one common understanding that it is mighty peaceful up here with the lush cool breeze flickering against our skin on this hot afternoon day. The sun is setting now and the colors of earth are illuminating the lands, enriching everything with a orange glow.  Hoards of dragon flies have come out to fly in the wind like kites floating in the sky.

The hustle and bustle from the sleepy border towns below are now just faint little noises and fragments moving around. My mind is lost in the mountains and hills around me. I am enjoying this simple madness of march in Myanmar.

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