Being followed in Myanmar…

The boys that followed me in Tachileik Myanmar

The boys that followed me in Tachileik Myanmar

Out and about, i was walking the back streets and saying hello to the village people in Tachileik. I was warned before by some Thailand expats to keep an eye out for government officials who would watch me or follow me if I was taking too many photos. Did this happen, I looked but wasn’t too worried, I really haven’t had any problems so far. I have to say i have more guys trying to sell me cigarettes and “boom boom” than any one else bothering me.

It wasn’t until i got off the beaten track that I became a bit nervous in some areas of walking that is when my instincts kicked in and I new to turn and go the other way. There are just some places on earth that you really don’t want to walk towards alone or with a group.

I walked pretty far and then I herd a small voice and small foot steps approaching. I turned to see a boy standing about 3 meters from me and his friends following shortly behind him. all full of smiles. they stood together and just looked at me then  held up my hand and made a peace sign, they all smiled and returned the gesture. I snapped a photo, this one i have attached below. After the photo i turned the camera around to show them as they all huddled around the screen laughing.

I’ve been to many countries in the world so far and each time it is very refreshing to see the locals and young people so happy. This country Myanmar/formally Burma  has been through some very harsh times lately so when i see people smiling and being happy it makes me feel happy too.


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