When everything makes sense in Udaipur.

You know those moments in your life where your not expecting anything from anyone, a day when you are just wandering and all of a sudden something happens and you think wow. This is one of those moments, and Im not really sure why but I’m not going to question it, instead ill except it as a part of my life.


Just one of those zen moments where life is beautiful.

I was walking the back roads in then down and around what seemed like the dark in between life and the underworld of Udiapur late one night. Not sure why I do that sometimes other than to gain perspective I’d say. Soon there were no more lights, just when I was to Turn and walk back, I walked past this small doorway that led to a small blue room, but this place was different than I’d seen in many wanderings.

I stopped and went back to peak a look and saw this man reading, grazing the text of the book with his fingers. Sitting next to him looked like more books. I was instantly curious what he was studying. I politely knocked on his door and I think he was soon just as curious as why this foreigner was knocking. Our language barrier was high, but with little words i understood that he was self teaching himself English and Math. He was 42 lived alone and had almost nothing more than what you see in this photo. I was impressed and stayed a little big longer to talk to him about his English. At that moment I gained even more perspective that I had, and i gained respect for him and the millions of others that have to make it in this world or else. Don’t we all? But for this moment in time life made sense because this man inspired me to do better, work harder, to move more people with my gifts. And so let it be, that I go out and share more of me at least for a little bit. Share perspectives, and my experience with humanity.

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