FC Schuettorf 09 Mid season team photo


FC Schuettorf 09 Mid season Team photo.    Chloe Smith photo credit


Coach Ralph Bergmann, Drew Manusharow, Danniel Bremmer, Elmar Heupers, Phillip Lammeing, Ruben de Boer, Johann Schumacher, Bosko Novovic, Owner Diedrich Lammering, Bottom Row :Wassim Toueiti, Swen Kahofer, Benny Nibbrig, Hein Rob, Alex Gergert at Vechtehalle.

FC Schüttorf 09 Men’s volleyball new players

FC Schüttorf 09 new players

FC Schuettorf 09 Germany 2011/2012 volleyball New Players. #30 Drew Manusharow

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