Volunteer coach in the slums of Jaipur.

I think it is safe to say that almost any male that I have come to talk to in India knows about cricket, and if they are not playing it then they are talking about it, watching it, or emulating the sport some way or another.

It’s a wonderful pastime. I think much like American Baseball used to be in the United states. The boys that I have been assigned to to help out with in the slums of Jaipur love cricket dearly, and since I arrived everyone wanted to show me their skills.

I encouraged their performances but also wanted to teach the importance of being on a team and becoming a reliable team player. Through out my time volunteering I feel it is important to help them understand why team work is important not only in games but in the real world. Hopefully they will learn something. Here’s a photo of some of the boys . Incredible India!


Teaching about teamwork through their favorite sport of Cricket. Cricket and Field Hockey are known to be India’s favorite sports.