Ios Greek Island mountain hike


ios, greek island, view

Greek island Ios mountain hike

Sometimes I wonder where the wind will blow me next. Other times I smile in amazement of where I’ve been throughout Europe & onto the great continent of Africa. It is amazing how uniquely different our world is. All the people, the places and the experiences one can see in a lifetime is breathtaking. While I enjoy this sunset I give thanks for my abilities & opportunity to see the world one person, one city, one country, one continent at a time. Grateful & Humbled. Make it Count!

My summer in Sweden, starts with Stockholm


one of the many beautiful ell kept government buildings. Sweden.


Norrström in central Stockholm connects Lake Mälaren with the Baltic Sea.


Masive and clean, Stockholm, Sweden


Guard watching. Stockholm, Sweden.


Mid summer flowers in bloom. Longest days of the year this week.


Grand central stockholm. Train station I’ll jump on to head south.