Wat Tham Pha Chom cave meditations

Today I spent some quality time in under grown caverns and caves of Wat Tham Pha Chom, Wiang Phang Kham in Mae Sai. I thought of myself as (Indiana Jones) well more like Thailand Drew and the Temple of Meditation.

These caves are under a wat in mae sai- A temple up in the hills. It was mysterious.

These caves are under a wat in mae sai- A temple up in the hills. It was mysterious.

The past couple days I’ve been venturing around the area to seek out some peaceful places to write, and log my journey as well as contemplate where to go next. Thailand in general has been a pivotal point in my world travels. Pivotal in a sense that I have been contemplating returning home to see the people that love me and I them more now than ever before. I love traveling however I think it comes with balance to really enjoy it most. So I’ve been seeking to open my meditation time more to really seek happiness. Sometimes its a battle, as we all humans understand, if its not one thing its another, balancing life can be tricky sometimes even when your living out of a backpack traveling the world.

I walked the premises looking to see if I could stay here maybe a couple days and meditate with the monks, but I wasn’t able to find anyone that spoke a lick of English. Afterwards I wandered down a path and into some caves. CAVES? Yup domesticated caves to say it best. They have now installed Buddha’s and small candle lit temples. It was surreal and a great experience to sit most of the day in meditation.

Buddhist hill caves Mae Sai

These caves are under a wat in mae sai- A temple up in the hills. It was mysterious.

Buddhist caves under temple

getting some in alone- i had to snap a photo of lighting a candle. it was a pretty special day. I’ve been back a few times since.

A little relaxation music to help ease the stress of India helps

I have been living in India now for just over two months and my life has forever changed. India changes you in some way. For me to be honest at this point it has became a love/hate relationship. I am fascinated but repulsed by many things. So recently I have been practicing my own form of meditation, and relaxations. The noise of the city and the consistency of life here demands me to find some inner peace and relaxation.

Chittorgarh Fort, India

A sprawling mountain top dotted with temples, and towers, India’s well known fort that sits on a nearly six hundred foot tall mountain and sprawls across 690 acres. This is a shot of me after an intensive meditation session i had in the temple on the right. Just soaking up the sun rays of life to give me energy to pursue more dreams and make them reality.

drewmanity backpacker Chittorgarh Fort. meditation

a mountain top fort sprawling across 700 acres hosts gates, temples, and towers, India’s renowned Chittorgarh Fort.