Bustling Bangkok -The World In One City

From novice gap year student, holiday abroad, or the experienced jet-setting world traveler; whoever you are or whenever you arrive in Bangkok you will always be surprised by the magnitude of adventure all encompassed in one city. Bangkok’s Khaosan Road, is a backpacker’s hotspot for starting out your Thailand adventures—or get lost in the night lights and never ending party. In Bangkok you can book flights, get on travel excursions and find just about any other type of adventure. Bangkok could be described as a sensory overload of sights, smells, tastes, feelings, and hearing. If it were possible to cram the entire world into one location and size it down you would find yourself in Bangkok. You can get a rush from sitting with the locals at a street stall chomping on some Pad Thai noodles or hot spicy pork and broth to luxurious high end rooftop clubs and hotels along the river front. Regardless, Bangkok is a phenomenal experience of multi cultural diversification.