Next world travel destination, India. My first hours.

first hour in India, car stalls on highway

Depending on where you come from and what experience you have in traveling the different regions of the world India can be anywhere from mildly interesting to incredible daunting.  My senses were simply just not ready for what India had in store for me.

On my first day to India I had flown in from Moscow Russia to New Delhi that would later connect to Jaipur in Rajasthan. The flight from Delhi to Jaipur was 27 minutes.

Delhi International Airport

Arriving in Delhi then transferring to Jaipur.

Delhi International Airport

Delhi International Airport

My plan was pretty undecided but one thing was for certain I wanted to see the country and volunteer. A friend from the states had introduced me to an organization that was trying to make its way to be an NGO and recommended that I start out my Indian experience with volunteering for them.

I agreed and arranged to have someone meet me at the airport so I could get to the guest house where they had arranged for me to sleep.


International and Domestic Airport in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

India hit me instantaneously as I stepped out into the humidity of the airport arrivals. The end of the rainy season was still dragging its feet across Jaipur. I was slapped in the face with the hot weather and the sight of mosquitoes lingering around waiting for any sight of flesh. I threw on my my jacket as it was at the top of my backpack and lathered up some repellent right away.

The man that was sent to pick me up was having seriou car troubles and asked me “to pray” for his car as it may stall. And it did stalled when we were on a highway going the opposite direction! I thought how could this be possible. I will die on my first hours of arriving

Here are some photos of my first hours in Jaipur, India.

car stalled on the jaipur highway

The car stalled facing oncoming trucks, cars and motorbikes, I got out to move away from this clear and evident liability.

This is the photo I took when my driver’s car stalled on the high way. You can see the oncoming traffic coming at the car, which is facing the opposite way of where I am looking. the large truck next to me is facing the correct direction. When the car stalled he got out and helped push my drivers car off the side of the road. Overwhelmed and already exhausted from travel I thought I had seen enough of India for my first hour. But the day just started.

first hour in India, car stalls on highway

The driver yelling in Hindi at my driver that he is going the wrong way. That he needs to move his car. He came down and helped push the car off to the shoulder.

men help push car off the road in Jaiipur, India

Men helping to push the car I was being taxied around in off to the side of the road out of on coming traffic. Thank you!

Astonishing, Cows roam free in the streets and eat  rubbish.

Astonishing, Cows roam free in the streets and eat rubbish.

Waiting on the side of the road for a bus

A man waits for the city bus in Mansarovar, Jaipur. The suburban city where my guest house is located, but I will be working in the inner city slums.

filthy city run off and waste filled river

The filthiest river I have ever smelt in my life. It runs across Jaipur containing everything from factory run offs to human fecal mater, rubbish, dead animals and plastics. I wish I could have a scratch and sniff for you to observe

Then finally we arrive in this narrow street, puddles of water lay stagnant swarming with mosquitoes and flies from the rains, a friendly cow wanders to sniff out some food.

drewmanity-jaipur-rajasthan-local-street-filth trash, litters the streets of Jaipur India

Looking down I had to take a photo. There is trash everywhere. I’ve only been here just a few hours, and this is just a small meter by meter section of the entire city. wow.


The street where I’ll be staying.

fourth story rooftop view of mansarova, Jaipur, India

The view from on top of the rented guest house. I had to look to see where I was sleeping.