Manusharow named to the list: USA Volleyball Processes 103 male International Transfers

“COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (March 4, 2012) – USA Volleyball has now processed 327 international transfers for U.S. volleyball players to compete in men’s and women’s professional clubs overseas for the 2011-2012 season.

A total of 210 transfers have been processed for a combined 196 different female players from the United States, while 117 transfers have been processed for 103 different male players. All told, 299 volleyball players from the United States have competed overseas this season.” -USA VOLLEYBALL

Men’s Players (Club, Country)
Adler, Matt (VBK WSL Klagenfurt, Austria)
Ammerman, Ryan (Copra Volley Piacenza SRL (released from club 1/10/12), Italy)
Ammerman, Ryan (W0534 Knack Roeselare, Belgium)
Anderson, Matthew (Pallavolo Modena SSDRL, Italy)
Ball, Lloy (URAL UFA, Russia)
Bates, Hudson (Al-Shamal Sports Club, Qatar)
Billings, Brook (Istanbul BBSK, Turkey)
Bittner II, Dean (Naranjito Changos (released from club 12/22/11), Puerto Rico)
Bittner II, Dean (VBK Tierp, Sweden)
Bourne, Tri (Corozal Plataneros (released from club 11/28/11), Puerto Rico)
Bourne, Tri (Carolina Nuevos Gigantes (released from club 1/20/12), Puerto Rico)
Bourne, Tri (Duzce Belediye, Turkey)
Brunner, Theodore (GS Robur Angelo Costa ssd a r.l., Italy)
Budinger Jr., Duncan (Raision Loimu, Finland)
Burik, Mark (Ok Miadost Marina Kastela (released from club 1/9/12), Croatia)
Burik, Mark (Olso Volley, Norway)
Burrow, Ryan (VC Amstetten, Austria)
Ching, Tony (Mayaguez Indios, Puerto Rico)
Deimeke, Joseph (Evivo Dueren, Germany)
Denmark, Matthew (VfB Friedrichshafen, Germany)
Devany, Vincenzo (VC Gotha, Germany)
Durbin, Patrick (Perungan Pojat, Finland)
Dusharme, Mark (GAS Pamvochaikos, Greece)
Dyer, Brennon (VBK WSL Klagenfurt, Austria)
Einhorn, Austin (TSV Husum 1875 e.V., Germany)
Fabry, Daniel (VBK Tierp, Sweden)
Friend, Kyle (TSV Giesen/48 Hildesheim, Germany)
Gramit, Kyle (Falkenberg VBK, Sweden)
Hansen, Kevin (Arkas Spor, Turkey)
Hein, Andrew (Lausanne Universite Club (released from club 2/13/12), Switzerland)
Hein, Andrew (Top Volley SRL, Italy)
Hickerson, Bryce (ABC Titans Berg. Land, Germany)
Holmes, Russell (KS Jastrzebski Wegiel SA, Poland)
Holt, Maxwell (Copra Volley Piacenza SRL, Italy)
Huberty, Ryan (UVC Ried/Innkreis, Austria)
Jablonsky, Jayson (Saems Tourcoing VB, France)
Kehoe Jr., Steven (Isku-Volley Tampere, Finland)
Kellum, Daniel (Union Supervolley Enns, Austria)
Klanac, John (RWE Volleys Bottrop, Germany)
Klein, Joseph (Abiant Lycurgus, Netherlands)
Kneubuhl, Isaac (VC Gotha, Germany)
Lee, David (Dinamo Moscow, Russia)
Lipsitz, Max (Mayaguez Indios, Puerto Rico)
Lotman, Paul (Resovia SA Rzeszow, Poland)
Manusharow, Drew (FC Schuttorf 09, Germany)
Masterson, Kyle (Waremme, Belgium)
Mathews, Daniel (Chenois Volleyball Club, Switzerland)
May, Timothy (Adjuntas Volleyball Club, Puerto Rico)
McKibbin, Riley (Umbria Volley srl, Italy)
McKienzie, David (Kuwait Sporting Club, Kuwait)
McKniff, Kevin (Guaynabo Los Mets, Puerto Rico)
McKniff, Kevin (Gabeca Pallavolo SPA, Italy)
Menzel, Jeffrey (C.V. Almeria, Spain)
Millar, Ryan (Lokomotiv Nobosibirsk, Russia)
Moore, Jacob (UVC Ried/Innkreis, Austria)
Morice, Michael (Union Supervolley Enns, Austria)
Muagututia, Garrett (Raision Loimu, Finland)
Murray, Luke (Ponce Leones, Puerto Rico)
Nally, Andrew (US Conflans Andresy, France)
Olree, Pieter (Al Ain Club, United Arab Emirates)
Owens, Ryan (Dreamsix Volleyball Club (released from club 12/27/11), South Korea)
Owens, Ryan (Al-Wakrah Sports Club, Qatar)
Patak, Evan (Umbria Volley SRL, Italy)
Patterson, Casey (Corozal Plataneros, Puerto Rico)
Price, William (GFCO Ajaccio VB, France)
Priddy, William (Zenit Kazan, Russia)
Proper, Matthew (Naranjito Changos (released from club 1/13/12), Puerto Rico)
Proper, Matthew (Saimaa Volley, Finland)
Ptak, Jeffrey (Al Jazira (released from club 2/2/12), United Arab Emirates)
Ptak, Jeffrey (Alnajma Club, Bahrain)
Ptaschinski, Nick (TSV Giesen/48 Hildesheim, Germany)
Ratajczak, Jacek (VC Gotha, Germany)
Reinholm, Cole (VBK WSL Klagenfurt, Austria)
Rester, Austin (Adjuntas Volleyball Club (released from club 1/12/12), Puerto Rico)
Rester, Austin (C.A. Once Unidos, Argentina)
Ribeiro, Mark (Mayaguez Indios, Puerto Rico)
Riecks, Cory (VfB Friedrichshafen (released from club 11/17/11), Germany)
Riecks, Cory (TV Buhl, Germany)
Riley, Joshua (VBK Tierp, Sweden)
Romero, Evan (Lausanne Universite Club, Switzerland)
Rooney, Sean (Gabeca Pallavolo SPA, Italy)
Rosener, Jacob (Vingakers VK, Sweden)
Salmon, Riley (C.A. Once Unidos (released from club 12/6/11), Argentina)
Salmon, Riley (Corozal Plataneros, Puerto Rico)
Sauro, Michael (Oslo Volley, Norway)
Schardt, Christopher (Orkelljunga VK, Sweden)
Scheftic, Nick (VC Brixental, Austria)
Scott, Damien (Guaynabo Los Mets (released from club 1/5/12), Puerto Rico)
Scott, Damien (A.S. Orange Nassau, France)
Scott, Jonathan (DJK Delbruck, Germany)
Shoji, Kawika (SCC Berlin, Germany)
Smith, David (Tours Volley-ball, France)
Stafford, Ryan (Avignon VB, France)
Stanley, Clayton (URAL UFA, Russia)
Stewart, Andrew (Lausanne Universite Club, Switzerland)
Suxho, Donald (Volley Treviso S.P.A., Italy)
Tarr, Robert (AS Cannes VB, France)
Thornton, Brian (KS Jastrzebski Wegiel SA, Poland)
Toppel, Curt (AE Karava Lambousa (released from club 2/7/12), Cyprus)
Touzinsky, Scott (Fajardo Cariduros (released from club 1/12/12), Puerto Rico)
Touzinsky, Scott (SCC Berlin, Germany)
Troy, Murphy (Top Volley SRL, Italy)
Tully, Philip (Sollentuna VK, Sweden)
Vance, Eric (A.S. Orange Nassau, France)
Varee, Jordan (Carolina Nuevos Gigantes, Puerto Rico)
Walker, Joshua (Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates)
Watten, Dustin (Raision Loimu, Finland)
Webber, James (A.D. Club Voleibol Teruel, Spain)
Werle, Matthew (Naranjito Changos, Puerto Rico)
Wiens, Jacob (Abiant Lycurgus, Netherlands)
Wilson, Taylor (Hylte VBK, Sweden)
Winder, Jonathan (Saems Tourcoing VB, France)
Wooldridge, Eric (Kokkolan Tiikerit, Finland)
Yhost, Jason (Union Supervolley Enns, Austria)
Yoder, Cory (Ponce Leones, Puerto Rico)
Zahn, Austin (C.V. Almeria, Spain)
Zornig, Jeff (VBK WSL Klagenfurt, Austria)

2011-2012 FiVB United States volleyball player transfer list

A pretty sweet little addition. I was just added to the list of USA Indoor Players Playing FIVB 2011 – 2012 in Europe.

What is the FIVB?
“The FIVB is the governing body responsible for all forms of Volleyball on a global level. Working closely with national federations and private enterprises the FIVB aims to develop Volleyball as a major world media and entertainment sport through world-class planning and organisation of competitions, marketing and development activities. The FIVB is part of the Olympic Movement, contributing to the success of the Olympic Games.”-

As the global guiding organisation for Volleyball, the FIVB upholds the highest standards to ensure that the legacy and excellence of the sport is experienced and enjoyed around the world.
To create the most exciting sporting spectacle of precision and performance.
To maintain the purity and excellence of Volleyball as one of the most all round athletic, entertaining and challenging team sports.