Traveling through Jaipur

I’ve had a few days to adjust and see other locations of India. I headed up to Agra for my 31st birthday to visit the mighty Taj Mahal and the Agra fort. No now I am back to the city where this week ill be looking to teach a little bit of English and help out where I can. Every day that i travel I have to look twice to see things twice. Did I just see that? Or did that just happen? Oh India. I am amazed.


Another cow, just hanging out in the street. Not a worry in the world.


I’ve ridden in many of these now. In the infamous auto rickshaw. No seat belts of course, and no doors, pretty much a death trap.


Jaipur hustle and bustle. Black and yellow small three wheeled taxis called auto rickshaws line the streets. A small bicycle rickshaw on the right awaits a customer.