Card game with Lao locals

I was invited into a hut to watch a local game of cards.  Pretty interesting situation.

One of my last stories from Laos was one I’ll remember forever. Being invited into a dark hut never seems like a good idea when there are a bunch of small Asian men with machete’s squatting around smiling at you, waving you towards… This hut was used as the local corner store selling snacks and beer but today was the hangout where a group of village men sat around the floor playing cards on a dusty matte and old t-shirt as the playing field. I clearly was already standing out as the only white boy around for hectors, so I made the most of it, I weighed my options, I stepped inside to capture the moment. It was great, the sunlight found its way through the bamboo and thatch walls illuminating the small cramped space with enough light to play. With plenty of the local brew being sipped, voices pitched as cards were being slapped down. I was waved in closer; I squatted next to them and tried to learn the game. I wasn’t going to try and capture the moment with a few clicks of my camera, but then I felt compelled to share this with the folks back home. Cheers to all my Guy friends out there to one day we play a round of cards and think of the places in the world where there are people just like us living life, doing their thing while we do ours. The big picture is just that, Life is a gamble, no matter where you live in the world and we are all in it together.