West India’s desert dunes on a camel

drewmanity on a camel


I traveled as far west as possible in India. Really only 20 miles east of the Pakistan boarder and about 50 miles west of Jaislmer. I  made the journey with a couple friends that I’ve met while staying in India. We all were sitting around one day last week talking about a “camel safari” and just decided to make it happen.  We talked to a few people who had done it before, and a man who knew a guy who knew a guy. So technically we didn’t go through  a travel agency or a brochure but rather it was through a friend of a friend who was opening up a new business in the industry of camel riding and camping.

We thought about it and considered it a golden opportunity to really see India’s sand dunes, ride a camel, and camp out under the stars.  As I learn from my travels, most often you get the most interesting adventures when you go through word of mouth. This would be a prime example of the weird and uncommon experience India has bestowed upon my travels so far.  Here are some photos of the experience.

a view from the top

Camel riding


yoga in the dunes


goats in the sand dunes

These goats had bells around their necks. It was pretty neat to hear them coming over the hills with their bells,



camping in the sand dunes of west india

Sleeping over night under the stars, in the dunes was priceless but a little cold.