Making time to write

Journal writing is one thing but blogging and keeping a daily blog is harder. I’m not just talking about writing and throwing up the content. I’m referring to carefully picking one or two events that transpired in the adventurous day and talk about those couple things plus adding quality photos to help make the reader feel as though they were a part of the experience. Overall I find this to be very hard. Or should I say I am very lazy to blog most days.  I have to admit it is far easier just flipping through the photos and then smiling at the end of the day thinking about the adventure you just embarked on. However I am making this post because I’ve been smiling for over a year now of adventures and even though I have documented most of them I haven’t shared all the monumental experiences. Perhaps I’ll find time to share some of these moments in time. Other stories will have to wait for Uncle Drew stories with the nephews.