Monkey on my back.

Hmmm, not so sure about this monkey. Got Rabies? Good thing I had my shots.

It didn’t take me long in India to step away from my concerns and worries. Worries such as contracting malaria, or the fear of rabid monkeys scavenging train stations and streets, riding on motorcycles and the three wheeled taxi called Tuk Tuk or not eating meat for months on end. It all just worked out, sort of. At least most of it.

It was here in India that I saw this Monkey, a rather fierce looking animal that I normally wouldn’t want to be near. I say this for any of the parasites or fleas and ticks it may or may not have carried with it throughout its hard knock life living on the mean streets of India. So instead of batting the idea away I felt open to the moment, I actually felt bad for, the poor thing had been trained obviously to do tricks and climb on peoples backs like mine for a few rupees for him and his master. Sadly I said yes when monkey man asked if I wanted a photo with money making monkey.

I saw another man do it, contemplated it and thought that it would probably make for a good story, maybe even be a good photo.  hardly was it a good story nor was this that great of a photo.

So it happened but the negative is that I was feeding fuel to the impacts of training a wild animal, the positives is that I was supporting the local economy. Not to mention all the Indian locals laughed when the monkey was gyrating on me, or shall I say humping my head.

By the time this photo was taken I think the monkey was on my back no more than 30 seconds. A quick pick.

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