It’s now or never, European volleyball tryouts have started

After an introduction from the staff the guys were all given numbered shirts. 100% cotton these suckers acted as sponges in  this humidity filled gym. The summer sun pounded through the windows of the gymnasium making the intensive workouts all the more harder to deal with. It was a freak show of top athletes all playing their A games, we have guys doing all sorts of pregame rituals and taking their vitamins, eating a bite or two of some fruit, drinking an energy drink or gel, all something to fuel them while they stretched and listened to the staff talk about the selection process. 

I don’t really remember much after that except a warm up. My mind was so fucused, so ready, I just remember wanting to perform. Everything outside went black i had a tunnel vision for the ball and the game.

Then the whistle blew, I took my first jump serve, I’ll never forget the moment it all started. That is when I count it as the beginning. My first jump serve of the day, to start and we were off. Passing and serving, I don’t remember much other than i had a huge smile on my face, and thinking ok it is now time, all your hard work sacrifice and dedication is here within you and you have no excuses but to try your best.  That is all you can give. You can do this because you believe in yourself and you can achieve anything as long as you keep your faith strong and believe that it is meant to be. No stress just play and the flood gates opened with volleyball.


 Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.

– Richard Bach



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