I leaked the news at the dinner table tonight.

Although I had been planning to tryout to play volleyball overseas for some time now, I felt the day came to tell my family. I had them over for dinner. As we sat around chatting about life and discussing what was next for all of us, it was my turn…”Well guys,” I said, “I’ve made some plans. I’m hiring an agent and I’m going on tour in Italy to try to get a job playing volleyball with a team in Europe.”


The room was silent. An ice cube melted and moved position in my moms glass. I could hear the fan circling the air…It was a moment of silence. But they all had smiles on their faces?… I have a pretty darn supportive family but I was waiting for something sooner than they let onto.Then I said, “I’ve made the commitment. I’m going the start of August. I’m not just talking about it this time. I’m really going to make it happen.”

My brother said something, then the others spoke out shocked but excited. WOW! Smiles filled the room with joy. Then of course all the questions rolled out, and we spent the next hours talking about the opportunities and risks in the future.

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