I have a good gut feeling about all this

believe it to achieve it

Believe it to Achieve it

It’s mid week, I’m not too sure what is going to happen with all these guys and tryouts. As in the programming of this entire campaign seems a bit dodgy and¬†inconsistent. The talks in the halls and off the court is mostly about the lack of¬†promised coaches, scouts, and “exposure” that was hyped up. A few guys are getting good looks but no bites. I’ve noticed many guys who have lost spirits, talks of leaving, giving up, dropping to just take this time and travel.
Some have even went out drinking at night the past couple nights. I’m not keen on any of that. I know to keep my head up and focus on my goals, say my mantras, and stay focused. I have a gut feeling, a good gut feeling that I’ll be going somewhere and it won’t be home for a while.

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