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It isn’t easy to acclimate entirely in a country that you just moved to and be expected to perform your best physically however when you job depends on it, and it depends on your optimal health, fitness, and volleyball performance then it sure is important to figure it out. Not only to eat right but to enjoy your life. As you may have been reading on my blog I have been playing volleyball in Germany this year our region is in the north west actually called Lower Saxony or as  the spoken language says Niedersachsen. I must admit the foods and the lifestyle are a bit different than what I have been used to, so early on in September I made it a priority to not only eat healthy but to eat to be happy. Reading labels for nutritional facts is the hardest part of shopping.enjoying-healthy-foods

A woman friend I know from the states, Lindsey who I actually went to high school with and still remain in contact with runs an eating healthy website that has some amazing recipes and tips for enjoying and eating healthy. She has created a little question and answer session that may bring some light to the questions some might have about foods in Germany. What do athletes eat?  What do I eat?  How are the foods different?  I can say that all athletes are different, and some guys eat whatever they want, but for me I made it a point to try and eat for energy. Some questions she asked include

  1. Since moving to Germany, how has your diet changed?
  2. Are the foods (produce, meats, etc) that you are used to harder to find?
  3. How was your diet before traveling to Germany?
  4. What kind of foods did you eat? 
  5. How did your diet change once traveling to Germany? 
  6. What has been the hardest thing about eating healthy in Germany???

Read my answers, the article can be found at this link.

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