Giant bull slowly dying on the sidewalk in India

Ok, I have been in India long enough to learn that many animals roam but in particular cows, and buffaloes the reason being that they are sacred. They bear a religious significance and are pretty much allowed to do as they wish. If your thinking well why doesn’t someone eat them? In a majority of the religions practiced here it is forbidden and frowned upon. I myself respect their wishes and in fact am going to try and not eat any meat while I’m here.


I was walking down town and came across this Big Old Bull clearly in pain. But no one around helped, in fact the onlookers looked at me like I was anĀ insane.

In particular this big black bull is clearly struggling, perhaps dying or is in sever pain. Clearly from my perspective he couldn’t stand and was making horrific noises. I was standing here taking a few photos but the night sky was moist and damp with dust and mist, my photos didn’t come out to well and this was the best perspective I can offer.

So here I am looking to help but the folks you see in the background just don’t even bother to care. I’m not an animal rights activist at all, but this is very interesting to see so many cows and buffalo’s roaming the streets in harms way and eating garbage, getting hit by motorists and having aliments that are not taken care of. In the end I stand on the fence about this topic.

I can see that there is a point that before humans animals lived and died in the wild without anyone’s help. It’s the animal kingdom right? It’s the circle of life and who am I to judge we are a part of that circle too. But at the same time I think there is a place for humans and a place for animals that place being somewhere where they can roam wild, free to run and be at peace. So far I have seen one motorbike slam into a cow, and a bus knock one over into the median. I’ve seen plenty of cows walking around limping and I am sure that is from disease or auto related injuries. Yes this is possible and happens

Here are just a few other examples of everyday activity. I have no seen ore cows than dogs on the streets.


Cows roaming the streets


Weak and unbounded cow resting in the middle of the road.


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