Four Thousand Islands on the Mekong RIver, Laos

Village ladies walking through a dry rice paddy. Southern Laos

My last destination of Laos happens to be a place called Four Thousand Islands a myriad or islands on the mighty Mekong river just before Cambodia. I heard many different things about this area such as it is a special area where fresh water dolphins migrate to. Pretty amazing place. Once you get off the beaten back packer path, you can find yourself in a very quiet rural village of the every day lives of the local Lao people. The in bed by 8 up at 4:30 am village folks that everything they need is in the fields and river around them. ¬†These are the people that live and die by the river, a calm an collective place to unwind and just live a quiet life of peace, or so it seems from my perspective.¬†After a short week here I’ll be off on the rad again to north eastern Cambodia. Until then here are some photos of the area of where I’ve been staying.

I call this the Coconut Hut.

Long boats sit waiting on the bangs of Don Khon, four thousand Islands

A village home in the Four thousand Islands. Laos.

A bout with the distant mountains

The main road on Don Khon, the more sleepy little area.

Motorbikes get a ferry over the river. Laos

leaving the main landA hut on stilts in low rain season over the river bed.

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