Flash back reality check

Flash back to a man I met in East India.

How do I compare better than saying- “While you were drinking your 5 dollar coffee from Starbucks. I was living on 50 cents a day trying to keep up with the locals on 30 cents a day”. Imagine that…. I never would have imaged that had I not taken the risk to travel this past year. 2012 after living in Germany the riches Euro zone country…It has been by far the most ridiculous and adventurous year of my life. I hope one day to share¬†all my experiences and stories with those back home and around the world. I think what I have seen and learned is educational for the youth and even elders of America and the other 1st world countries to see. Guilty of visiting twenty some odd countries from rich to poor, living on a budget trying to live like the locals an failing most times but learning from it all in the long run. I leave you with just one simple photo of a man in east India who lived on 30 cents a day.


Here is a man in India who I spoke very little to but understood enough that he was able to live on a fraction of what I thought was possible.

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