Five steps to sugest how to master jumping out of a moving bus

So you are interested in the title. Yes so am I. NOT all bus drivers are created equal, but during rush hour you will find many that will not stop. So my month in India so far has been pretty incredible and Incredible is an understandably. I’ve ridden on plenty of public buses and been forced to get of and get on while the bus was moving. Its just a thing that happens and you have to learn or get left behind. So here are five simple steps to think about next time you get on a public bus in India.


The art of Jumping out of a moving bus

  1. Aline yourself at the door with one hand on the inside of the bus and the other on top of the door frame.
  2. When you know your stop is coming wave to the conductor, or bus driver to let them know you need to get off, that will inform others around you also.
  3. As the bus comes to what it seems like a stop look at the road below and the possible landing spaces ahead. Remember that the bus and your body will be  moving forward so your body will be projected. Look for key landing area, it is important.
  4. When you learn the bus is not taking the complete stop, go for it! Jump! But remember with your body facing outward- NEVER STEP BACKWARDS. Step out and stay balanced.
  5. Landing is the hardest part as your body is still in motion with the bus, be kind to your knees and let them absorb the shock and utilize your arms for balance. Watch out for people or animals so be keen on your toes. When landing do not expect to land in one step. It will be a few steps so enjoy the ride. After your first successful jump you will feel exhilarated. or at least I did.

I will not take responsibility for anyone’s failed attempt to jump off a moving bus. These were just suggestions in mastering the art of jumping of a bus.

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