A little of your time goes a long way

It may not seem like much but sharing positive energy with someone is amazing. I felt drawn to speak to this man even though the language barrier was high and thick, we exchanged small talk and smiles that will forever leave a lasting impression on me.


Taking some time for another human, seeing what I can do to learn a little more about life even if it is just a cup of tea or some extra change that I can offer..

The Census of India defines a slum as “a compact area of at least 300 in population or about 60-70 households of poorly built, congested tenements in an unhygienic environment usually with inadequate infrastructure and lacking proper sanitary and drinking water facilities… But trust me it is much worse here and around the world.

I realize that I can’t save the world but I do BELIEVE that we all┬ácan do a little to balance our world regardless of how much time or money we have. I’m not a rich man, many have asked how I afford my travels. To be honest I’m spending my life savings traveling seeing, feeling, touching, smelling and living things that you can’t type into Google search. I figure we all have something to give back.

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