If there is a will, there is a way. Building for volleyball.

Objective. Dig holes, lay out the land for a outdoor Volleyball court. Utilize recycled materials to create Volleyball posts. Let the kids help.

Here I’ve posted a few in the process pictures of Adam and I working on creating the two posts to put into the ground for the volleyball net to hang on. We needed to create holes deep enough but not too wide so he gave me his machete to dig with. Standard volleyball net posts for men are about 2.5 meters or 8 feet, international womens volleyball Height is around 7 feet. So this will work out great.

I felt that for the kids and playing outdoor on a uneven playing field it would be better for them to learn on something a little lower. So we created it to be around 7 feet so that girls could enjoy also.

Drewmanity-tanzania-volleyball Drewmanity-tanzania-volleyball-netsetup

making the volleyball net posts, and digging holes.

making the volleyball net posts, and digging holes.

Where is Tanzania?

Have a look at the globe I have displayed. It is in East Africa. This is where ill spend about three weeks working with kids in a rural community up in the hills of Arusha Tanzania. I have Committed to help a school and orphanage set up a sports program and to teach volleyball.

tanzania on the globe

where in the world is Tanzania you ask?

Friends for a reason not just a season

A buddy back home just posted this on facebook. Two photos taken of my good friend and I. Top from high school volleyball where it all started…. myself #11 and #13 Scott “BEAR” Berry. bottom doing charity work together building a house in Mexico.  the other is from high school state championships 1999, one of two that we won together. Thanks for the support halfway around the world. — with Scott Berry.

Scott "bear" Berry

Scott “bear” Berry 

1999 Arizona high school men's volleyball state champions
1999 Arizona high 1999 high school men’s volleyball state champions- Scott “Bear” is #13 on the right, I’d be #11 top middle.


Native American reservation volunteering

My friend Leland Armbright invited me with his group of volunteers from Mountain View Lutheran church in Phoenix Arizona to go with them up north to a Native American Reservation this past summer of 2010 to help lay the foundation on a multi family home. I was grateful to have a friend like Leland and the chance to work on this project. It reminded me of the times that I went to Mexico to build homes. Here are some photos of the process we shared.


Native American service help volunteering to build a home foundtion

Native American service help volunteering to build a home foundtion

laying foundation for a home

leveling foundation to build a home. Amore ministry


Mixing the cement.

DSC08199 DSC08231 DSC08234 DSC08235