Massive tea gardens in the mountains of Munar, India.


I have been an avid tea drinker for many years so it made sense to add Munnar as a destination point for my in my wandering through India. Munnar is situated in the Idukki district of the Indian state of Kerala. Since I had already spent a few weeks touring down the coast of Kerala it seemed like a good idea.

The journey to get to Munnar was by a couple different buses first rising up into the hills away from the ocean, then narrow winding roads that wrapped around steep mountains and drop offs. My ears popped a few times on the way up.


Having a bus get stuck behind a slow moving tea plantation packed truck wasn’t so bad.

The worst part was the drive, and the bus driver looked to be falling asleep so I spoke to him and offered him one of my oranges. All I had to offer at the time, I figured some of the natural sugar might help him, and the focus on eating the orange itself will make him more aware.  But overall It was a pretty, yet interesting four hour bus journey through deep forests and lush green mountains.

Arriving in the late evening the goal was to find a guest house asap drop the bag and grab a meal to plan the next days ahead of seeing the Tea fields scattered across the mountain tops.


The winding roads that wrap around the tea garden packed mountains.


Munnar Mountains and Tea

A warm holiday on the beach of Anjuna, India

After spending a majority of my time inland and away from the oceans I though it was time to switch that up and spend holiday traveling along the coastal waters of the Arabian sea.

Where else would I want to spend a holiday vacation than with family. But what about when I am on the other side of the world, literally. I keep saying this to myself but it’s sometimes hard to take in. So here I am in on the west coast of India sipping coconut juice from a freshly hacked coconut with a straw. The sun is hot on my skin and the golden sands are close to unbearable until you reach the water.


The drive into the beach city of Anjuna, Goa, India with markets along the way

Where is Anjuna beach? Anjuna is one of  many beaches located in the state of Goa India. It’s rather funny how i got here. I was sitting on my flight from Mumbai next to a woman from England who married a man from Dehli. They moved to Goa about ten years ago and since then have been living here in Goa. When she asked me where I was heading I told her straight up where ever I hear sounds the best.  She told me “well if it’s ok with you I’ll have my husband pick us up and we will drop you off near Anjuna beach, as we like that beach.” I nodded and thanked her.

Does this go under the context of hitchhiking? Sounds pretty dangerous, I would never have done this two years ago, but find myself doing a bit more trusting and hitch hiking through my travels. There is always exceptions, and dodgy situations of course you should avoid. But overall using your gut works too.

After the plane landed he picked us up I got to know a little about their life and share some funny travel stories and an hour later they dropped me off , the man even negotiated a deal with a taxi to take me all the way to the beach. A sweet deal. I offered money, however they said spend it on your self and enjoy your holiday. What great energy they just gave me. I am grateful for such an amazing journey and meeting people like them.

So here I am reflecting on the past four months of India, And thinking about the next 4 months of my life. Day dreaming of what is next.


Cow basking in the sun


A hike up the mountain looking north onto Anjuna beach


Low tide lava coral anjuna beach


Cows on the beach


A hike south takes me away from the beach with beautiful views


The sandy beaches of Anjuna


Mumbai India at a quick glance.


Mumabi (bombay) Airport. On my way to Goa for the spralling arabian sea beaches.


The Gateway to India


Down town Mumbai India


Grab yourself a taxi instead of a tuktuk- there is a union for the taxi drivers.


A boy shows off his plastic bottles to get fresh water on Chowpatti beach in Mumbai India


Homeless family lives under a boat on chowpatti beach Mumbai


Marine Drive, Mumbai India

Heading to spend Holiday in Goa. Happy holidays from India